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UNO/UNMC Bookstore Gift Card $10 - $250 (SKU 11488088231)

  • The best gift anytime for any UNMC student/graduate/alumni.
  • Easy and convenient to give as the perfect present applied like cash.
  • Available $10 to $250.

Purchase a gift card and we can mail it to someone else, with a valid street address in the United States. The shipping fee per card/address will be applied. Please view our shipping policy here.

You can also order a digital gift card and redeem for use as soon as it has been processed if you prefer the physical card not be shipped.

At this time the UNO/UNMC Bookstore Gift Card is redeemable for Merchandise sold in the UNO/UNMC Bookstore when purchasing a physical gift card or online for use on Web orders. The gift card must be presented at the time of purchase. The available balance will be applied toward your purchase, not redeemable for cash. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced. Gift cards are valid for one year.